Bouke Bruins:

A young and very active designer focusing on physical interventions and socially engaged concepts for public space. The design, the building (physically), the collaborating  and the process of creating characterize his way of design.  Bruins combines an open and active process with a humorous, visually attractive result. His goal is to activate engagement and participation in public space. The public space should be more inviting to be changed by the person who uses it.


Idealistic seen we should all collaborate together in finding solutions on social topics. We should make endless combinations with different experts in all different fields. From a garden hero to a professor to someone working next to a conveyor belt. A mixture of design thinking with physically making. With his projects Bruins aims on finding the best collaborations between industry, designers and makers.



For his graduation he started an ongoing research project and design mentality  BOYSCOUT DESIGNER, A bottom-up platform with a focus on making public space more fun. Check out the website!


Bouke Bruins graduated 2017 at the Design Academy Eindhoven - Cum Laude

                       Also he graduated 2012 at Sint-Lucas Boxtel.


From November 2017 he is part of collective GROEN GRIJS GEEL



+31 (0)6 21 69 24 52

Studio: Avignonlaan 13 - EINDHOVEN


Avignonlaan 13 - 5627 GA Eindhoven
Tel:  +31 6 21 69 24 52

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